Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We Bought A Zoo!

No not really! But we do have another pig this year. The kids call him Pickle. His daddy was a purebred Berkshire (yummy) and mom was a Spotted. He is a very aggressive eater much to our delight. Tommy enjoys going to the metro parks programs where they learn all things nature. They asked what animals the kids see in their backyards and they all said dogs but Tommy. He began to tell the group of toddlers about snakes and such that he sees in his yard, to their amazement. This brought up a dinner table conversation in which we all tried to think of all the animals we have seen in our backyard, besides our farm animals, since moving here 6 years ago. So, the bottom picture represents everything we could think of that we have seen while in our backyard. Maybe we do have a zoo!

1 comment: said...

Pretty impressive bunch of pictures for all your "farm" animals.

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