Sunday, May 19, 2013


You may be asking, "Why are those eggs cube shaped?" So we always have an abundance of eggs April through about December. Then the chickens generally slow down until they stop in the winter. So we have been thinking what we can do to preserve eggs for winter use and emergency use. Dehydrating is too much work. We pickled some before and they were fun but not very versatile. There are also many "FDA unapproved methods" that we had no desire to risk trying. Well we watched a cooking show and they froze their eggs in ice trays so they could use however many eggs they needed for cooking. They also would scramble 6-8 eggs and freeze the bag.Our "youtube research" has shown they do great thawing and cook and taste well after thawing them out. Well our hens lay eggs way too big to fit in an icecube tray so we got these little cube shaped flexible things and they are working perfectly. So give it a try with your surplus chicken eggs or try it when eggs go on sale at the store.

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