Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hocking Hills

Here is our trip on Saturday to Hocking Hills. We quickly left the tall buildings of downtown Columbus behind and headed out past lots of farmland and into the hills of Appalachia. It was only about an hour south of Columbus. After 4 hours we had hiked Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, and Old Man's Cave.

This was our first stop in Hocking Hills. This was a 1/4 mile flat and all-paved trail. We even took the stroller on this one. Its such an easy hike and amazing how close to the parking lot all of this wonderful scenery lies. Apparently when this cave was discovered back in the 1800's the Native Americans had left a long 30 foot tall pile of ashes. Because of the acoustics it was used as a type of meeting place for many years. The kids enjoyed watching the waterfall falling to the plunge pool.
"Ash" by the Ash Cave sign

CLICK to enlarge. Shots near Ash Cave

This was another short hike of about 1/4 mile. A little more steep and all dirt so we had to ditch the stroller. The first 2 shots are on the way to the falls.

Last we went to the most popular area of Hocking Hills, Old Man's Cave. The scenery was so gorgeous that our camera almost broke from overload. We criss-cross the creekbed crossing bridge after bridge and passing falls and tunnels. A little longer hike but still fairly easy and amazingly beautiful hike.

CLICK to enlarge. Shots near Old Man's Cave

Bridge over the Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave.

The Devil's Bathtub (or toilet as the kids call it)

Bridge over creek to enter Old Man's cave.


bryant said...

what a great trip -- and beautiful pics! Hope you guys are well. :)

Leila said...

Wow, that is amazing! Were is that place? Does the water in Devil's bathtub go down to were people would actually get caught, or could you go in the water? I love to see your family all out and doing fun amazing things like that!