Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Critters

Jovial Jocie

Adorable Ashlyn

Handsome Heber


tiffany knox said...

so cute myrona! I am so glad people were nagging you to blog! I love it!
no, ohio is not out. LA is a 4 month sales job selling security systems door to door. its to save as much money as possible and try to live off it while he goes to med school and the med school in ohio is what he has his eye on.

bryant said...

hey guys! wow, you're in ohio! looks beautiful, and your children are getting so big!! hope to see you sometime soon

Krissi said...

Hi Myrona! Thanks for droping a line! Your family is so beautiful and it looks like you are doing great in Ohio. There is so much to do in Chicago, but my favorite thing in the summertime is to go to the free concerts in Millenium Park or any of the Museums. Let me know if you need a tour guide!

Allygirl said...

How fun to find eachother in the Bloggersphere ( that's what Brian calls it). Didn't know you moved to Ohio. Looks like you are enjoying your new digs. The kids look so BIG. Jocie is too cute. I
don't think I ever got to see her. We are busy here as usual, I am now the YW Secretary...I guess I must be organized or something ???
Hope all is well with you. Keep in touch (

Steve & Jenny~ said...

Hey Fuller Family-it was good for us to catch up on what you guys are up to. Your children are beautiful. It is fun to see you in the dad role since I only knew you as a missionary. Hope all is well,
Steve and Jenny Preece

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