Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alligator Hunter

Chris & Heber watched a clip about a 10 year-old girl who already graduated from college. She loved animals so much so she earned a degree as a veterinary assistant. She goes to work and helps out the vet (with her mom's presence). We asked Heber what he would like to do when he went to work. He thought long and hard. Ashlyn kept trying to give him ideas like "make candy" or make "chocolate". Finally he said he wanted to catch alligators from ponds for people. We had fun imagining what our little Alligator Hunter would look like. A couple nights before Chris and Heber were watching a bunch of Discovery Channel clips about alligators and Heber was escpecially intrigued at these men that would respond to resident's calls. They would catch the menacing alligator in the neighborhood pond. Heber could not get enough of it. He was entranced as they tried to ensnare the alligator.


tiffany knox said...

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Ryan, Sarah , and Ruthie said...

Good to hear from you! Your kids are so big and adorable! I can tell they definately have some Tenney in them.

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