Thursday, June 28, 2012

As Seen in the Garden

We got the garden planted early in May this year. We are working with 500 sq feet since doubling the garden last year. We did not have the incessant rain and mud issues like last year which delayed planting. These were taken the beginning of June when our plants were still just youngin's. They grow up so quick. (tear) The last 2 weeks we've made lots of pickles, Zuchinni bread, and the kids love squash when its combined with the powers of cheese, bacon, and butter. The pumpkin vines have grown over the fence and the pumpkins are growing faster than the kids. The corn is on schedule to be knee high by the 4th of July. We have half silver queen and half peaches and cream. We have 7 tomato plants this year and the cherries are just starting to turn red. The big 'maters are still trying to grow big. We have taken off several ozark strawberries we planted. REALLY great flavor. They seem to be slowing down now though. Bell peppers almost ready to start picking. There has been a lack of rain and the berries in the raspberry patch down by the woods just are not plump and flavorful like usual. The deer plowed them down this year before we could get to them anyways.

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