Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just to be Safe

Saturday morning Jocie came out of her room with a swollen left side of her face along with red splotches and blisters. To our surprise, she was in no pain and did not itch or scratch at all. 24 hours earlier we recalled her picking a strange plant by the mailbox (no it wasn't poison ivy or oak etc). She didn't recall being stung or getting into any chemicals but we assumed it was an allergic reaction to something. Just to be safe, we took off to the urgent care where the Doc took a look. Despite our proposed theories to the Dr, that it must be some type of allergic reaction, he was convinced it was an infection behind the eye. Just to be safe, he asked us to go to the ER at children's hospital downtown. Still thinking it must be an allergic reaction, we decided to heed the Dr's request, just to be safe. We navigated through the ER fairly quickly and stress free. Jocie read books and watched cartoons as we waited for the Dr, unphased by one big swollen eye. Dr one thought it looked like an allergic reaction but just to be safe called in an "older" Dr to take a look. Dr two also thought it was an allergic reaction and sent us home to get benadryl and steroids. We thought about getting those things "just to be safe". However, Jocie was in no pain and not bothered by the seemingly botox-enhanced eyelids. The next morning the redness and swelling had gone down considerably. An expensive allergic -reaction diagnosis but, afterall, its better just to be safe.


Scott and Cheryse said...

It looks painful and itchy. I am glad everything turned out okay.

Brian & Merika & Kids said...

she looks aweful

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