Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mrs. Wages Strikes Again

We have Celebrity, Park's Whopper, Beefsteak, Roma, Cherry 100, Grape, and Pear Tomato coming out our ears. Putting them to good use with a batch of Mrs. Wages pizza sauce. Up next is a batch of ketchup. We've discovered this year that 4 squash plants is easily overkill for our family. Just one would be plenty although it is nice to be able to share. ...and how is it that zucchini hides so well and suddenly is the size of a submarine and useless for nothing but Zucchini bread. Looks like first batches of peaches at Legend Hills are ready. So look forward to some photos of our adventures in peaches.


Ryan, Sarah , Ruthie and Tate said...

I need to follow your lead and attempt to can something this year! Your baby is just adorable! I love the watermelon picture!

Scott and Cheryse said...

nice work!!

Ryan and Lori said...

I'm always impressed by the quality and quantity of your produce and what you manage to make from it. Great job!

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