Monday, May 3, 2010

Barbecued Snow Crab

Even with snow out we like to barbecue. We have always baked or steamed our crab. We saw this recipe to barbecue crab and were intrigued. We mixed fresh garlic, thyme, butter, and olive oil together as a baste. You can cut slits in the legs and claws etc or just break them slightly. This way the butter mixture can get in when you are barbecuing. Crab should be thawed and it only takes about 5 mintues per side over medium heat. Baste again when you turn it over. Crab is almost always already cooked so you are just heating and getting that barbecued flavor infused in there. Yes I said infused. Fancy huh? As if crab is not delicious enough its even better with that smokey barbecue flavor. When you're done you should have some barbecue marks here and there. Delicious.

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