Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inniswood Tulips

This video is of our "photo shoot" at Inniswood Gardens. Its that time of year again and the tulips have burst through the earth full of color to cheer our winter weary souls. Looks better in 480P. You can also click the enlarge button. Enjoy!


The Russell Bustle said...

Chris, I loved your video! I teach primary and I love the primary song, "My Savior Loves Me" Congratulations on the birth of you new beautiful baby. Too bad the Saints had to leave 'The Ohio' it is gorgeous.
Your mom sent an e-mail and invited us to see her newest grandchild. It was a treat for me to peak into your life. Thank you.
Kristi Russell (your cousin, Snowflake AZ)

Brian & Merika & Kids said...

What beautiful flowers you have grown all 4 of them.

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