Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

We ran over to the Columbus zoo to see Zoolights. The zoo has a lot of indoor climate-controlled areas to see the animals so it makes it easy to see the animals year round. The gorillas, tigers, elephant, rhino, monkeys etc can all be viewed inside. We got upclose and personal with the tiger this visit and Jocie just kept saying "kitty" over and over. We watched some fox-sized bats eating fruit and stretching their wings. Before it got too crowded at Zoolights, we headed over to see the reindeer and visit with Santa and Mrs Claus. By then it was dark and we enjoyed the wonderful light displays and musical light show. We have had such a warm November it was a shock for the cold to be here finally. We checked out the construction on the new polar bear area that will open in the Spring and it looks like it will be pretty impressive.

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