Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Need a Brother!

Heber had fun setting up this battle scene while the rest of us were taking a nap today. He had army dudes, knights, indians, a bear, and a dragon all in on the battle action. Luckily, the jedi stayed out of this one. He even had a group of army guys off to the side "doing dishes". That is essential in any battle. It was a very quiet battle. He let his sisters and mom and dad sleep through the whole thing. Ahh to be young again!


The Craig Family said...

That's funny! The exact words Nolan said to us, and look what happened to us. Let us know when you guys are expecting. Ha ha

Ryan and Lori said...

Sounds like a Narnian battle...and it is so nice to have someone keeping the kitchen fires burning...and hopefully a nice meal for all of them when the battle was over. :o>

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