Sunday, August 9, 2009

The twins arrived!

The twins are here!! We are now proud parents of two new "kids". Granted they are a little furry and now have little horns protruding from their heads, but we love them the same. Milly (named after my childhood milk goat Mildred) and her two adorable kids are our newest addition here on Fuller Farm. The kids were just 2 weeks when we first got them and they are now almost 2 moths old and double in size. Chris made us a goat pen and he found a great plan for a stanchion made of PVC and wood. A stanchion is a goat milking stand for all you lay goat people. : ) Chris was very proud of his accomplishment that he and his friend "Lowes" made in one afternoon. Milly gives lots of milk that little Bo and Peep share with us. We tried out some cheese recipes with some of the herbs from the garden. We will have to do another post with some pictures of our cheese adventures. This first picture is the PVC stanchion.


Scott and Cheryse said...
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Scott and Cheryse said...

You sound like very proud parents. Congrats!!

Ryan and Lori said...

Wow what a great little farm surrounded by the great Fuller Woods...sounds like a little paradise...espcially for young kids AND children! And homemade goat cheese with homegrown herbs and veggies...KUDOS to you!

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