Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old Nauvoo

We spent a couple of very busy days in Nauvoo. The weather turned perfect into the 70's for the time we were there. This was a very rare treat along the Mississippi at the end of June. The kids enjoyed the kids area called "Pioneer Pastimes" where they played games, dressed up, and learned all about being a pioneer. The kids received prairie diamonds at the blacksmith shop and learned how to make rope, bread, candles, bricks, barrells, newspapers, and many other pioneer activities around town At the end of one of the musical productions we attended, they invited Heber to come up on stage. He enjoyed doing that and yelling his name to the audience. There was such a special spirit and awe inspiring to be on Parley Street near the river and look back to see the temple. What a great experience. What a heroic and faithful legacy we have in our pioneers. Despite persecution and trial, they did all in their power to follow a living prophet of God.


Ryan and Lori said...

LOVE that place. So much has changed since I was there years and years the temple and the beautiful Joseph and Hyrum monument. Looks like a fun time with the stilts and sheep too!

Scott and Cheryse said...

What a fun experience for the kids.

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