Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congratulations Heber!!

Woohoo!!!! Heber had a really cute graduation ceremony from kindergarten. Complete with little diplomas and an ice cream party afterwards. Heber had a super kindergarten teacher, Miss Sopp, who helped him so much this year. Its amazing all the things they were able to learn this year. Its so fun to be able to hear Heber read us a book now. He does really good on his addition and subtraction. Heber enjoyed studying for his spelling tests and did excellent on them all. He had lots of fun in art and music class and always brought home fun stories and creations.


Scott and Cheryse said...

Congratulations Heber!! Enjoy reading in first grade.

Brian & Merika Whatcott Family said...

the kids in Heber's class look like the kids here. lol.

limi said...


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