Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Made lots of batches of strawberry jam and dried lots of strawberries. The store had a great sale on strawberries so we had to stock up. Next we will go pick peaches from Legend Hills and then by June the raspberry bushes in the backyard should be going crazy. We have been trying to watch the sales and stock up as much as possible. You get some funny questions when you checkout with 10 mayonnaise bottles, 10 peanut butter bottles, 20 lbs of strawberries, 20 boxes of cereal, 20lbs of bananas (dried those too) and cans and cans of chicken. Gotta beef up the year supply. The funny questions make for a great opportunity to share about year supply and a little about the gospel. It helps when you have cheap labor in the kitchen that is excited to help. We will see what the garden gives us this year. We are gonna stay away from corn this year. It take a lot of nutrients from the soil, takes up a lot of room in the garden, and is pretty cheap at the store anyways. We think we will go more heavy on the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash etc. There are some cute pumpkin plants growing in the garden from some old pumpkins we threw in there. They might get kicked out too because they take a lot of room to grow. No sunflowers this year either. They were pretty and fun last year but also took up a lot of valuable garden space. Hopefully we will be canning tomatoes before too long.


Parkers said...

Yummy! You always make me wish we had a house so that we could have bunnies and plant a garden :)

What is Legends Hill? Sounds really fun!

Lori said...

Such industry and it looks delicious. Good for you guys! Nothing like home made jams, jellies and canned goods to liven up that year supply!

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