Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Chocolate

The pups are 8 weeks now! We made it. The first girl left our house this week. It sure has been a wild ride. The kids were very brave when the first little lady left to her new home. Amazingly, Lucy's old owner spotted some of our videos by complete chance on "Youtube". She was thrilled and surprised to see how well Lucy was doing. We offered to reunite them but she declined and was happy Lucy found a happy home through the shelter. Apparently, Lucy the escape artist that she is, broke out of their kennel and let out their male shorthair pointer too. We finally found out that daddy is a German Shorthair Pointer too. Daddy, who they raised from a pup is still missing but they sure were surprised to see Lucy on Youtube. Lucy was 4 weeks pregnant, unbeknown to us at the time, when she escaped and was adopted by us from the shelter.


Ryan and Lori said...

What neat Valentine's chocolates they are too! What a great top photo!

Rachael said...

Cute pictures. I love those dogs they're soooo cute.Hey this is your cousin Rachael. How are you all doing? Rustin & I have a blog it's If you send an email to us we will add you to our blog. Miss you guys!

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