Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Little Snow

We were dusted with 1 to 2 inches but it was just enough for Heber to pull out the boogey board. (it actually works better than our snow sleds). Heber made a great Zamboni machine with Lucy helping him out. The last four shots are in the woods in back.


MarQuette said...

Wow - I'm sitting here in 63 degree weather and my feet are freezing. I love snow but not sure I'ld want to be in it right now - it is so beautiful!
How do you get the little snowflakes that are falling on your page?

MarQuette said...

Forgot to mention I loved the video - My kids would love to play in the snow! First I'ld have to buy some winter clothes for them!

Brian & Merika Whatcott Family said...

It's fun to see you and keep in touch in a way by looking at your blog. You guys are so beautiful. I love you sooooo much. Thanks for always keeping up on your blog.