Sunday, November 23, 2008

Introducing Lucy

This is Lucy, Chancho's new best friend. Chancho has been begging Chris for a playmate ever since Madge passed. Now he has Lucy to keep him in line when he gets to rambunctious. Once she gets past the chicken coop she is great in the field and woods. She is quick to point and spot all the birds or deer. Point. Shoot. Click. Develop. She follows us around wherever we go. Lucy's example has rubbed off on Chancho as he has been spotted pointing at the deer too. LOL. Lucy loves to eat, unlike finicky Chancho. Shes ticked white and hes ticked liver. Chancho is getting very good at "whoa" even in the woods and Lucy even points on "whoa" for some strange reason?? Here is the 2 of them out back and a photo of Chancho down by the creek where he loves to romp.


Bridgette said...

Hey M!

Cute dogs!

I've been trying to email you but they always come back with fatal errors!

I'm still waiting for you to send me your new address and phone number that you promised to send me once you got to Ohio! :o)

Drop me an email, I still would like your address and new email addy!

Bridgette :o)

tiffany knox said...

hey there friend! I was just thinking of your family and thought I d drop you a line. happy thanksgiving. check my blog for baby news!

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