Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yummy Mummy Dogs

Here is our Michael Phelps lookalike!

These turned out pretty cute. We made these tonight for Chris' Halloween potluck at work. He saw something similar on a magazine cover so we gave it a shot. He is going to work tomorrow dressed as Michael Phelps! Yes the swimmer! He has a muscle suit and everything. Will post pics as soon as we have them. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween


Fullercoaster said...

Cute -cute-cute! You always have such great ideas!

br_oden said...

They are addorable Myrona! To answer your question on my blog the weather here is ok. Still a bit warm for my tastes. It was in the low 90's yesterday. Our fertility center had a carnival and it was a bit warm.

Krissi said...

What a sweet costume! I be his co-workers loved it!

The Craig Family said...

That's not a costume. Chris has been steroids for a while, and decided now was a good time to come clean. Way to go, Chris!!

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