Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Circleville Pumpkin Festival

Last Saturday we drove to Circleville, OH to the Pumpkin Festival. They make pumpkin burgers, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin butter etc etc. Yes, that is the whole side of an old building that is painted. Pretty amazing talent for whoever painted that. The festival has been going on over 100 years. We enjoyed seeing the ginormous pumpkins, the giant pumpkin pie that gets fed to the hogs after the show, and the pumpkin carver. There are hog calling contests, beauty contests, and ofcourse pie-eating contests. The variety of pumpkins is mindblowing. One man makes pumpkins look like a child's head by using a special mold. Lots of rides, games, crafts, and parades. We saw what we wanted to see and took off. It was so busy it felt like we were on the Vegas strip trying to get through the crowds. Better to go during the week.

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Fullercoaster said...

It is so beautiful! I miss the seasons. Those pumpkins are amazing- so are the kids...

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