Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scenery around the yard

Here are the boys working so hard in the backyard and some beautiful shots out back that we enjoy. There is a shot from the pear tree, some wild flowers back in the woods, a giant bumblebee on one of the sunflowers, and the cutest baby watermelon you ever did see.


br_oden said...

that is the cutest watermelon I have ever seen. I am a watermelon fiend. TO bad I am not suppose to eat it. What wonderful pics!

The McNeill's said...

Wow ! Wish we lived there. Maybe some day, see Ohio turned out to be great for you guys ! Nice garden and tractor :)

Ryan said...

Seems almost idyllic! Ohio really is beautiful country and it is so fun to see your family enjoying it so fully!

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