Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden Time

Photo of garden at 60 days - no more attacks from deer. A rabbit made it under the fence but Myrona pelted him with the BB gun before he did any damage.

Updated photo of the garden at 45 days. Added fencing to keep out the foraging deer that took out half of our pea plants.

Here are some pictures of the garden. Below is newly tilled, then planted, and now 1 month later. Ashlyn had fun planting seeds with dad while Heber slept from a late night. Heber however is always out in the garden pulling weeds. In Arizona the hard part was getting things to grow good. Here the hard part is not letting the weeds take over. The Sunflowers are almost as tall as Heber now while the tomatoes have tiny fruit growing. Corn is almost knee high. We also have a lot of peas and carrots. The cantaloupe, watermelon, and pumpkin are just getting their first flowers.

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Leila said...

That is so awesome, look at how much your kids have grown! How is Ohio?

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