Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blackberry Harvest

On Saturday, after it stopped pouring rain, we all walked down to the woods to pick blackberries. There are quite a few wild grape vines and wild berry bushes back there and the berries are delicious. This is our 3rd bowl this week they ripen so quick. Now its time to make jam and freeze the rest. Heber and Ashlyn were very efficient at picking all the ripe ones. They find a lot that we don't even see down low on the bushes. Chancho just watched us from the house and barked the whole time. He gets so jealous when we go walking back there without him he can't stand it.

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tannerin said...

Your kids are sooo cute. We were so excited to see your comment and that you found our blog. Tanner was just talking about you the other night but I did understand that it was you becuase I still call you CJ. We are living about 15 mins north of the Bronx in Westchester County. If you are ever in the area again you will have to look us up.

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