Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blizzard 2008

We survived the blizzard of '08. They are calling it the storm of the century here in Ohio. Columbus got something like 20 inches (all time record for here). The last record was 15 inches. Where we live its from 15 to 20 inches depending on the spot. It was fun watching the white out conditions on Saturday. Blizzard finally ended at about 4PM. The streets really cleared up well today. We rent this home from the nicest family. They were worried for us, being from AZ and all, and came and cleared all of the driveway with their plow. Its nice to see the pavement of the streets again. We live on the edge of Franklin and Delaware county. Franklin County had a level 2 snow emergency and Delaware was at a level 3. Its a good thing this all happened on a weekend.

The Roof was packed with snow. Up close the drifts on the roof looked like sandstone

This was Friday afternoon Day 1 of the storm

Here is after the Saturday blizzard

Another Saturday shot after the blizzard

Attempting to clean up Friday snow before the Saturday blizzard


The Craig Family said...

That would have been kinda cool had it snowed another 2 feet or so. Then you could have just built maze tunnels to everything from your doorstep. Looks like you had fun digging out a path there though. But where are the kids? You should make them work to earn room and board. Just hook up a contraption to the dog, and let it pull the kids around. You'd have it cleared in no time.

Ryan, Sarah , and Ruthie said...

I feel your oh so cold pain! Makes you miss the good old days in AZ!

TV Digital said...
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Aaron.Shara.Abby said...

Hey Chris! Crazy blog stuff huh. You've got some cute kids. And it looks like you are having fun in the snow as well. My cousin Matt is actually in Ohio. We miss the snow from Massachusetts but are enjoying the sunshine in AZ.
Hope all is well!

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