Saturday, August 11, 2007


We went camping for 3 days at our favorite spot along the Lower Tonto Creek. We had fun visiting the hatchery again, fishing, smore making, and getting dirty

A beautiful shot by Myrona

A lonely flower by the bank of the Tonto Creek. There is a little bug in there too.

Daddy jerked the rod back so hard that the fish came out of the water off the hook and nearly hit Heber square in the face.

MMMM.. Smores

Blissfully fishing

A priceless expression from Ahlyn. She was freaking out because half of her "pretend" fishing pole fell in the water.

It was "THIS BIG"

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tiffany knox said...

thanks for calling me! ohio will be great you'll have to update your blog a lot. your kids are huge anzlie recognized heber but then forgot his name i had to remind her. your kids are beautiful jocie looks a lot like ashlyn
we miss having you so close by!
good luck with the move!
the knox's at

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